Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tom Thumb XVII - A Visual Recap

Much like the previous post, I'm late getting around to this. Here are some images from Tom Thumb XVII. This is my final post regarding XVII and therefore my last post to this blog ever. Melanie should be picking things up for 2014's Tom Thumb XVIII!

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Photo by Becca Harbison

Photo by Becca Harbison

The artists behind the men's restroom. Photo by the Aquadome (via Twitter).
The wedding. For more wedding photos, see the previous post. Photo by George Barlow.

Wizard Lizard. Photo by Lauren Kellett (via Twitter).

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tom Thumb XVII Wedding

I know I'm late with this post, but I wanted to get it in here just for the record. KTRM News did a piece on the wedding of Grace Stansbery and Colin Teberg, easily the most controversial work at Tom Thumb XVII. Grace and Colin held the ceremony to bring attention to the issue of marriage equality and what they see as flaws in the institution of marriage. Regarding the latter, Grace notes that some people now view her as "damaged goods," no longer as fit for marriage.

The article is a quick read and I'd like to add a little to the conversation by giving a short rundown of my experience with the ceremony. As a Tom Thumb organizer, I can say that quite a few people expressed their disapproval with the wedding, including several of my friends and even people involved in Tom Thumb. I heard rumors that the wedding caused some people to skip Tom Thumb altogether.

Despite the controversy, as a participant in and an attendee of the wedding, I felt it was among the most memorable performances of the night. At any rate, it was definitely the most highly attended non-music performance. The Aquadome's top floor was stuffed with friends and spectators who were filling the role of wedding audience whether they knew it or not. While some may have been opposed to the wedding, others fully behind it, and others still without opinions either way, the presence of them all, with their cheers or silence, added to the whole. And the truth is this wedding got the crowd talking about what weddings mean and why marriage does or does not matter and sure, maybe the whole thing ended in people shooting champagne at each other and eating cake with their fingers, but people still talked. That's not always such an easy thing to accomplish.

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PS - For more information on LGBT rights in Missouri, check out Missourians for Equality.
PPS - We were fortunate enough to have George Barlow stop by to photograph the wedding. The following photos were all taken by him. Thanks George!

Tom Thumb XVII Wedding - The Couple

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And here's the poster:

Tom Thumb XVII Poster
Designed by Albert McCormick, Printmaker and Bushbaby Enthusiast

Schedule Posted!!!!

Yo! We got the schedule figured out!! It's massive and we're really excited about it!!! Here it is:

2:30 - Doors Open
3:00 - Blue Room - Coldrain (Moberly, MO)
3:30 - Upstairs - C.O.P.E written and performed by Jeff Deinight
4:00 - Blue Room - Conman Economy
4:30 - Upstairs - The Sam Schwegler Project (Kansas City, MO)
5:00 - Blue Room - Jerry Frost (Green City, MO)
5:30 - Upstairs - Glo Pie
6:00 - Blue Room - Grbac
6:30 - Upstairs - Storyteller Canine Bitchli
7:00 - Upstairs - Wedding
7:30 - Upstairs - Comedian Adaml Leibowitz
8:00 - Blue Room - Nick Bitikofer and The Distorted Aborted
8:30 - Upstairs - TAG Improv
9:00 - Blue Room - New Ocean
9:30 - Blue Room - Wizard Lizard
10:00 - Blue Room - Lonely Boy Detective
10:30 - Blue Room - Dogbrain
11:00 - Blue Room - Moch tha Kid (Columbia, MO)
11:30 - Blue Room - Chill Jackson
12:00 - Blue Room - Tom Sauk (Cape Girardeau)
12:30 - Blue Room - Runaway & Little Ruckus (Fairfield, IA)

And if you're one those people who uses Facebook, here's the event page.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hello from Tom Thumb XVII!

Hey all! This years's Tom Thumb--which happens to be the seventeenth installment of Tom Thumb (but only the fifteenth year since it's creation)--is currently in the works! The theme? Pulp art! The location? The Aquadome, which has a healthy and happy tradition with Tom Thumb dating back to 2002. It's located at 121 N Main St, behind the Downtown Cinema. The date and time? April 13, 2013 from 2:30PM until midnight.

"How can I help," you are surely asking yourself as you read this. Well, we thank you for inquiry as we are in desperate need of volunteers! You can get to work by emailing!

Do you play music, read poetry, do stand-up comedy, dance, perform publicly in any other way? You should email us!!! We want you!

More information about Tom Thumb XVII is coming. Watch this blog and our Facebook for development!

Yr friend,